Cocktailz: A Beauty Bar Offers Themed Party Rentals:

*Baby Showers *Book Signings *Wedding Parties *Birthday Parties and more!

Community Building

January 1,2020 we will be debuting an expansion of Cocktailz: A Beauty Bar! In 12 months, our goal is to begin implementing a franchising model for Cocktailz: A Beauty Bar, internationally. Our goal is to train more women ,who are early in their career, on how to perform in-demand services, ensuring customer satisfaction and engagement, manage a store and eventually own a Cocktailz franchise of their own. A franchising model creates more opportunities for women to take our concept and open their own business. The focus is centered on community building, which will allow them to hire and train more young women, to do the same. We have already witnessed the transformation that happens as we build community for our customers, train young women on how to succeed at work and nurture the ambition of future women leaders. When investors help us to grow Cocktailz, we can continue to foster women entrepreneurship; creating more jobs that propel meaningful careers for women in our region and beyond.

Wine Down Wednesday


Over the years, this private happy hour event has given working women an opportunity to try our signature salon services at a deeply discounted rate while being able to network and fellowship with other professionals around the city. We open the event up as a pop-up shop opportunity to local home-based business owners to show case their services/products for a small fee. Clients are offered complimentary refreshments.

Super Saturdays


We will offer wealth building seminars and workshops for professionals & future business owners in the areas of investing, real estate, & entrepreneurship. These events show them different facets of our business while exposing the brand to many different client interests. COME OUT & JOIN OUR INVESTMENT GROUP AS WE LEARN PLAYING THE CASH FLOW GAME.