Cocktailz:A Beauty Bar is a new concept for St. Louis created and introduced to The Delmar Loop by Ley Woods, a native of the area. Ley is a seasoned celebrity hair and makeup artist that has worked and lived in Los Angeles, California for years. As a commerical stylist, Ley noticed a demand for complete styling services in St. Louis that are affordable for regular everyday people who deserve celebrity style treatment but dont have time to find  a place that offers full service makeovers in a "one-stop-shop" location.

Cocktailz infuses luxurious beauty services with unique styling accessories to form a complete look for customers of every age, any sex, and all races in one location. Cocktailz'  customers can relax and enjoy star-style beauty services from one of Cocktailz' expert Beauty Bartenders; they can then complete their look choosing from a large selection of exclusive accessories such as shoes, appareal, jewelry, and handbags. At Cocktailz, we bring the distinctive cultural identity of one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, LA, right here to the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are trend-setters, here to create a path for St. Louis to leave its style-mark on the map one look at a time.